Seal’s version of “Knock on Wood”

So, I was really looking forward to NOT writing any new arrangements and NOT transcribing any horn parts / rhythm parts for our upcoming performance at DROM on January 10.

Then I made the mistake of listening to Seal’s cover of “Knock on Wood” and I simply *had* to have it, as it were.

Realize that we already have an an arrangement of the song in our book that is faithful to Eddie Floyd’s recording  — and I really like Eddie Floyd’s recording!  — oh, and Wilson Pickett’s, too.

So, why add more to my workload?  Because this version is both faithful to the idiom and at the same time fresh and playful.

In particular, keep an ear out for the following:

  • The horn / snare “dat-at, dat-ats” starting around 0:51.
  • The tension-creating bar of rest around 1:42.
  • The chromatic 13th chords and syncopation in the brass around 1:58
  • The Robert Palmer-like vocal harmonies at 2:06
  • The horns from 2:30 to the end.


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