Sights and Sounds from The Cutting Room — February 4, 2016

We had a wonderful turnout last month and have some nice videos to share, care of Brickman Studios.

Thanks again to all who came out and to the bandmembers that night:

Rob Paparozzi, Andricka Hall, Russ Velazquez, Clifford Carter, Al Orlo, Gene Lewin, Larry Etkin, Louise Baranger, Bill Harris, Jon Saxon, Alessandra Levy, Anne Carpenter, and Sarah Peck.

and our guests:

Bobby Harden and Steve Walter.

When Something is Wrong with My Baby

Featuring Andricka Hall and Bobby Harden.

Soul Man, Hold On, Wrap It Up

“Sam and Dave” medley, featuring Rob Paparozzi, Bobby Harden, and Russ Velazquez.

Tell Me Something Good

Featuring Andricka Hall on vocals, Rob Paparozzi on harmonica, and Al Orlo on guitar.

Higher Ground

Featuring Russ Velazquez and Andricka Hall.

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